YouTube Leanback

YouTube announced the beta release of Leanback in July 2010: “YouTube Leanback offers effortless viewing

Just as its name implies, YouTube Leanback is all about letting you sit back, relax and be entertained. Videos tailored to your interests play as soon as you visit the site and they play in full screen and high definition, continuously. There’s no need to click, search, or browse, unless you want to, of course. Watching YouTube becomes as easy as watching TV.

Appropriately, YouTube has an introductory video:

YouTube Leanback help links:

Personalized channels start from a single topic, or set of topics, and then branch out to related topics as you watch by interpreting your actions (skipping videos, giving a thumbs up or thumbs down, etc) to tune the content in the stream. Over time your channel will improve as you provide more signals to tune it.

Enjoy some Leanback time yourself by visiting …but first finish reading this post…

Vimeo Couch Mode

Vimeo publicly announced Couch Mode with its October 26, 2010, blog post, “Introducing Couch Mode… get comfy!

We know that you already like Vimeo, but what about couches? TVs? Wouldn’t it be great to watch Vimeo from your couch… on your TV!? We thought so too, and today we are happy to announce the launch of Couch Mode. Couch Mode is a special new section of Vimeo that allows you to watch collections of videos (such as Staff Picks, your inbox, your videos, etc.) completely uninterrupted like a TV channel. Just press play and grab the popcorn.

Couch Mode is optimized for Google TV and will be available in the Spotlight section soon. Don’t have a Google TV? No worries, Couch Mode will work on your desktop too.

Google TV

So, using your computer’s web browser, you can visit Vimeo Couch Mode and YouTube Leanback, but did you know that your (or your neighbor’s)  television is now  your own customizable TV station? Here are some headlines from Google TV’s Features page:

  • There’s more on TV than television.
  • The web is now a channel
  • Your phone = remote control
  • YouTube perfected for TV
  • Watch and browse, simultaneously
  • TV gets a homepage
  • Create a TV playlist
  • Rock out in your living room
  • The ultimate picture frame

To keep up with Google TV, check out their blog ( and/or sign up for Google TV product updates (

How to get Google TV

Google said it best at

There are two ways to get Google TV.

  1. Get a standalone TV.
  2. Get a separate box to use with your current HDTV.

What does this technology explosion  mean?

  1. HD content will be  is more important because of full-screen viewing and viewing on larger displays. (Yes, we do that.)
  2. Footage (not just slide shows in video form) will continue increasing in value as its accessibility and sharing quality grows. (This is who we are! Full motion HD real estate videos.)
  3. Keep in mind that streaming video does not display in the full resolution that the original, uploaded media contained.  However, if you download the video (from a non-compressed source–like we deliver to our clients) and play it on an HD display with HD components, then it will be truly HD–the same quality as the original upload source.
  4. Social media, video sharing, and personalized favorites and channel viewing will continue to grow in usage and, thus, importance. (We do it for you and make it easy for you to share and embed.)
  5. will get more popular because our services keep up with technology and users, even though main stream real estate marketing  does not. We aim to serve those who value forward-thinking, serving clients to the best of their ability, and who are shepherds (leaders), not sheep (followers).

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