We here at TourKick provide professional-quality, High-Definition (HD) videos and other techie services.

For those Realtors out there who want to discover (and possibly master) DIY Video, it doesn’t get any easier than using an iPhone, because it’s always with you. For step-by-step instructions, along with how-to videos, check this out: http://next.inman.com/2011/11/super-simple-tips-for-getting-started-with-video-on-your-iphone/

And when you need professional-quality video, photos, and other expert advice – or you want yourself to be on camera to let potential clients make an emotional connection (you can’t be the camera man and on-screen at the same time), we’ve got the equipment and know-how to kick your video up a few notches.

Video for real estate is legit. Sellers want to maximize their value when hiring a professional to ┬ámarket their home for sale. Value and professionalism is what TourKick delivers – a TKO!

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  1. Maura Neill says:

    Thanks for linking to my article on super, simple iPhone video on Inman Next! Appreciate the shout-out!

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