As a member of the Greater Tulsa Association of Realtors (GTAR), it was an honor to be asked by my fellow members to speak at the November 3, 2011 GTAR Edutainment Day. I presented about video for real estate listings, and it was very well received.

Slideshows aren’t real videos, and we want “real videos for real estate”.

What’s new in Video? Videos are becoming expected by Buyers and Sellers, which is reasonable because (another thing that’s newer) videos are easier to make than ever before (e.g. iPhone) and cost less (DIY equipment or outsourced).

We want Realtors to try to do video on their own because if they succeed, that’s better for all of us. It helps bring up the bar and market to our clients. For example, if I’m on the buy side, I want my buyer to be ecstatic about seeing the listing Realtor’s video online and feeling like “it feels like I’ve been here before” because of a walk-through style video. Or maybe ooh-and-aah from a commercial style video, already preparing them to actually like the listing before they visit.

We also want Realtors to try to do video on their own because they’re realize how much value TourKick provides and that our pricing is right on.

I wanted to show some videos at the presentation, but my time was cut short. It’s okay. Quite a few messaged me afterwards that they went to our website to check out some videos and they really liked them.

Thanks GTAR and all the members and audience for an enjoyable Edutainment Day!

As requested by some members of the audience, you may download my presentation in PDF format:

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  1. Mike Warren says:

    Well, video is a great way to attract buyers.

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