YouTube announced YouTube Live in April 2011 (and  announced the start of testing in September 2010). You can visit to see what’s available to watch.

In addition to events currently broadcasting, YouTube Live displays events coming up in 24 hours and within 7 days. Below each upcoming video is an Add to Calendar option: Google Calendar, Outlook, or iCal, which is great because it includes the video title, description, and link and sets the time for you.

At this time, YouTube Live is only available to the mega accounts (called YouTube Partner accounts). If/When it’s opened to all accounts in good standing, real estate and other professionals could showcase events like:

  • an open house
  • live tour for out-of-town buyers
  • hosting your own scheduled TV show
  • sharing market updates
  • breaking news
  • showcasing an activity you’re involved in
  • showing interviews
  • meetings and trainings
  • and whatever you can think of…

There are already other live streaming services out there, like,, and, but having the YouTube platform and community would be very appealing, in addition to connecting your YouTube videos with your live streaming account.

And even if you have zero visitors, it’s great practice for when you’re faced with the topic in the non-virtual world and great to tell potential clients and your referral network how you’re leveraging technology to meet and exceed client expectations.

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