Here’s a quickie version of why good website hosting is worth paying for in today’s Internet space:

  • Uptime is important because even a slow website is better than no website (i.e. a down website).
  • A fast website is important because it improves user experience (no one wants to wait forever) and can assist your site in ranking higher in search engine results.
  • And good hosting reduces headaches, worries, and stress. Good web hosting is good for your health!

Google Analytics released data about average website speed around the world. As expected, the United States ranks pretty well, since we have better infrastructure than most other countries (aren’t we all grateful). The following Google charts show common page load times:

Desktop vs Mobile page load times

Site speed by Vertical Markets

The charts above show that mobile devices take longer to load websites than desktops and laptops. We’ve all experienced this first hand. TourKick’s website design services take mobile into account, recognizing that mobile devices are slower but our users still deserve an enjoyable experience. The industries that have longer loading times seem to be more high-resolution media-heavy sites, like real estate photo tours, video sites, and news sites.

In the same week Google Analytics released this data, my own site’s stats were emailed to me from Pingdom, the most prominent website monitoring service, and I wanted to share our own site stats because we’re proud of them:'s May 2012 Pingdom report's May 2012 Pingdom report

Pingdom’s report for this website’s May 2012 activity shows 100% uptime, zero outages, and an average page load response time of 392 milliseconds (less than half-a-second response time). Our Google Analytics page load time for the month was an average of 3.83 seconds, in line with other site averages for media-heavy sites, and this version of our website is 2 years old (new site coming soon).

A reliable, fast website is a necessity in today’s digital world. Run your site through a speed test at

Our website hosting is reliable, fast, and a great value. It includes WordPress site maintenance, integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN), nightly backups, and more. Please contact us  if interested in details and pricing.

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