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Webinar: How To Use Video and Youtube for Business

Friday, March 16, 2012


How are you using Youtube Videos?  Are you using video?  Are you Generating Traffic?  Do you want an alternative to being in the videos yourself? Are you able to market yourself effectively using video?  Want to learn how to create and add more Power to your Blogs and websites?

Come learn some very powerful techniques on how to use video and Youtube, the second most searched site in the world, to grow and promote you and your business.
We’re going to share 7 secrets and tips about video, and some of the hidden tools that are available to you on Youtube. Video is a powerful tool with incredible reach and the majority of the internet audience.

Learning to embed video into your Blogs and sites is another key ingredient to using video and Youtube successfully.  Join us for an hour and learn to create and use Video and Youtube to promote, support, and grow your Business. This will be one of the best video training and support classes you’ll ever attend and IT’s FREE!!


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