TourKick is a multimedia and technology company.

Our real estate photo and/or video service has its own Property Order Form. For all other quotes/inquiries, we invite you to contact us via email or call Cliff at 918-409-2543.

Specializations include:

  • On-location video and photo shoots
    • Real Estate / Property videos and photos— photo slide shows just don’t compare…
      • Over 70% of Sellers said they’d prefer to list with an agent that used video ( Internal Study)
    • Neighborhood commercials/spotlights
    • REALTOR®, Agent Team, and Broker profiles/commercials
    • Documentaries, project milestones, and tutorials
  • Web-enabled media
    • REALTOR® websites and blogs (WordPress for REALTORS®)
    • Single property websites
    • Video promotion/syndication
  • Media and technology consulting and training
    • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, and more)
    • Blogging
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • E-mail marketing
    • and more…

Our competitive advantages:

  • The combination of media and technology expertise ensures we can not only deliver quality media but also that we know how best to use it to promote you and your business.
    • We also have real estate expertise, which is essential because of the importance of understanding Broker, MLS, State, and Federal laws regarding self-promotion and the advertising of property. (We’re not your legal council, but we know some things that can keep you out of trouble.)
  • On-location specialization means we know how to get in, adapt to our environment, improvise as needed, and produce a quality product.
  • Our photos and videos are in High-Definition (HD). Discerning viewers won’t discount or dismiss your business because of the quality (or lack-there-of) of your video. (In general terms, you get what you pay for–experience, creativity, and quality.)

Full motion video goes beyond the limitations found in  typical photo slideshow. The WOW-factor first impression and the ability to engage viewers’ emotions and imaginations are all possible with TourKick’s video service. It’s even entertaining!

Marshall Baker and Cliff Paulick

Marshall (camera) and Cliff (iPad)

We are creative, tech-savvy professionals who want to see video become the “new normal” for real estate listings. We know the needs and challenges that face REALTORS® and others marketing property for sale because we are real estate and media professionals.

Cliff Paulick is a techie real estate professional with McGraw REALTORS®.

Marshall Baker is an experienced media designer and director of photography.

Table of Contents (click or scroll down)

  1. Highlight Video
  2. What’s Included?
  3. Pricing

Highlight Video

Order TourKick’s TKO Media Package

“First, for the viewer to truly experience the property, there needs to be an emotional connection.”, Stephen Schweickart (February 23, 2010)

“And whatever you do,” says Dashnaw, “don’t ignore the fact that video is quickly replacing still photos as a medium of choice for homebuyers, who are going online in droves to find houses.”
~FloridaREALTORS®.org, Bridget McCrea (May 2008)

“[…] video is an absolute must for marketing high-end properties. Big-ticket items need and deserve special attention, from both the buyer’s and seller’s perspective. Don’t make the mistake of offering bargain basement marketing. These clients understand the importance of making a positive first impression and they’ll expect the same from you.”, Stephen Schweickart (February 23, 2010)

Your First Impression

TourKick provides numerous services to highlight properties and REALTORS® alike…at the most important time–the first impression:

  • Full motion, HD videos (not a photo slide show) that showcases the property and REALTOR® with integrity and attention to detail
  • Video Syndication–We post the Branded video to, and elsewhere for you.
  • Search-engine friendly property exposure that also benefits you and your website
  • High resolution photos
  • Professional real estate media

What’s Included

Real Estate Photos

High quality photographs that capture the essence of the house.

  • High resolution (even looks good on HDTVs)
  • Plenty of shots (typically 25 or more at no additional cost)
  • An eye trained for marketing real estate

Real Estate Videos

Video is the next big thing for marketing real estate. Video naturally engages buyers and allows them to be entertained and imagine themselves at the property.

Our WALK-THROUGH style videos show all, making viewers feel like they’ve walked through the house.

Our COMMERCIAL style videos show off the best the property has to offer, enticing buyers to visit in-person to see all that’s available.

If you don’t have video, you cannot honestly say you’re marketing it 100% in today’s digital media age. And if your video doesn’t look good, how will that reflect on you personally or professionally?

  • Accuracy–Buyers won’t be disappointed by misleading photos upon first visit. (Referring to some camera lens distortions and the confusion/disorientation of browsing multiple photos.)
  • Exclusivity–You’re a professional. Use professional-quality video to market your property… and get more listings.
  • Professionalism–Looks good on HDTVs!
  • MLS-Compliant–2 versions of the video will be delivered, if your MLS requires an Unbranded version. (Branded includes the Agent’s/Broker’s information, if applicable. Unbranded does not.)
  • Pride–You and your client will have something worth sharing with family, friends, co-workers, and interested buyers.

Online Syndication (i.e. Posting your video across the web!)

We create the media. You get a copy. Your property gets attention.

  • We post the  Branded video to, and elsewhere for you.
  • We are a®-authorized tour provider, which means we can post a “Virtual Tour” link to your listing for you. (NOTE: You cannot post your own Virtual Tour links on®.)
  • You can share the video by linking to, embedding the video, or by uploading your copy of the video file.
  • You get the benefit of Internet video marketing. Attract attention, get views, sell the property, and get more listings!
  • Since we give you a copy, show it off on your iPad or computer at listing presentations, open houses, or even on your mobile phone.

What’s Not Included in the Base Pricing?

You may request a specific time-limit for video editing up front, but re-edits and other  derivative  creations are not included.

Here are some examples of other Services you might be interested in:

  • Other photo, video, or audio services (e.g. headshots, agent spotlights, neighborhood profiles, etc.)
  • Website creation or optimization
  • And more!
  • Just see our list of Services and Contact Us.

We’re happy to  accommodate  you in all your requests. Just Contact Us with the details and we’ll get you a price!

Order TourKick’s TKO Media Package


The TKO Media Package is not like other property marketing services, but our pricing and value blows away any photo-only and video-only competition.

Once you have your contact, property, and payment information, click here to order!

To make sure you’re informed and to get you excited about TourKick’s benefits, we’ve included information from some other media companies serving the real estate industry (information believed to be accurate but not guaranteed):

Virtual tour companies:

  • No video service (TourKick considers “virtual tours” to be photo slide shows, not true video—even if the file format says otherwise)
  • Pricing varies from $30 (you take your own photos and the company turns them into a virtual tour) to $170 or more (full service photos, panoramic photos, and virtual tour—but no video).

Video editing companies:

  • No photo service
  • You shoot the video yourself, taking time and using your own equipment
  • $40 cost to edit video that you send to them
  • Additional cost to syndicate video
  • Lack of professional Director of Photography (DP is a media industry term for the head photo/video professional)

Video hosting companies:

  • No photo service
  • You shoot and edit the video yourself, taking time and using your own equipment
  • $20-$30 monthly cost to host the video that you send to them (or one annual fee)
  • If your listing doesn’t sell in less than 3-6 months, you’ve spent $100 on hosting a non-professional-quality video! (applies to monthly cost services)
  • Many (like YouTube) are not MLS-Compliant!
  • Lack of professional Director of Photography (DP is a media industry term for the head photo/video professional)

Individual/Freelance Photographers:

  • Pricing (and quality) varies from $35-$150 or more.
  • May not have an eye for real estate
  • May only deliver image files as opposed to virtual tour
  • No video service

Deliver a TKO!

Use the best tools that are available to you and stand out from your competitors! Sell your current listings and cultivate a legacy for your listing quality!

Less than 1% (0.8%) of agents who could post videos on REALTOR®.com actually did.® Internal Study

Don’t just market your property. Deliver a TKO!

  • Be proud of your listing and proud to share it with friends and co-workers
  • Wow buyers with your first impression
  • Increase your exposure online
  • Invite more foot-traffic
  • Get more listings
  • SOLD on TourKick!

Order TourKick’s TKO Media Package

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