• TourKick.com Redesign

    Howdy folks. TourKick.com has been redesigned. In short, we went from a light color scheme to a dark theme. (But no dark schemes ;) The dark design helps provide an intimate viewing experience and lets the content pop out. I hope you like the new design!

  • YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

    When watching a video on YouTube (like millions of us do)–including embedded YouTube videos–there are a few keyboard shortcuts you can take advantage of: Spacebar = Play/Pause Arrow Right = jump forward Arrow Left = jump backward Arrow Up = Volume Up Arrow Down = Volume Down F11 = view in Full Screen mode (more …

  • How long does it take to upload an HD property video tour to YouTube?

    Let’s say an HD property video tour is about 2:30 in duration (2 minutes and 30 seconds). The file size will be over 50MB (50 megabytes). The longer the video, the greater the file size. YouTube is run by Google (I’m sure you’ve heard of them–they’re big…) so their servers and speed are top-notch. Maybe …

  • Our First Highlight Reel

    Want to sneak a peek at some video we’ve shot? Just press play… (For maximum impact, turn on your speakers, expand to full screen, and view in HD/Stretch Modes.) Order a TKO Media Package!

  • TourKick.com is born

    TourKick.com officially launched today, October 1, 2010. Cliff Paulick is a techie and a licensed real estate professional. Marshall Baker is an experienced media designer and director of photography. Combined, we deliver Total Knock Out (TKO) solutions like real estate video tours, photos, and syndication. We also provide headshots, WordPress websites, personal and business technology …


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