Cool Carousel Section (PL5)

Cool Carousel section for PageLinesVersion 2.0.0 (July 2017) is a complete rewrite of the old Cool Carousel section originally for PageLines DMS 2 theme.

Version 2 works only with PageLines Platform 5 plugin (and its associated themes), but it converts any Cool Carousel posts to the new version (for users who owned the DMS 2 version). In other words, posts created in the DMS 2 version of Cool Carousel should be migrated over flawlessly, but you will need to rebuild each Cool Carousel section in Platform 5 because there is no site conversion process from DMS 2 to Platform 5.

Version 2 has many improvements over the DMS 2 version (last version was 1.9 from November 2015). Here are some of the highlights:

  • Works with any oEmbed URL instead of just YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion.
  • Cool Carousel posts now support the Author meta box so you can change the author of a post.
  • Updated bxSlider script from version 4.1.2 to version 4.2.12.
  • Integrated Freemius for licensing and automatic updates.
  • Requires installing and activating CMB2 plugin. Uses TGM Plugin Activation to notify you of this in wp-admin, if needed.
  • Added the ‘pl-section-cool-carousel’¬†text domain and .pot file for translation purposes (translations not provided).

Like all my plugins, I aim for no WP_DEBUG messages, no JavaScript console errors, and adherence to WordPress coding best practices.

This page is the only place Cool Carousel is available for purchase. Pricing is dependent upon the number of sites you’d like to license and includes automatic updates during your active license.

localhost installations do not count against your site install limit. In other words, a 1 site license would work on both your .com site and your localhost site. Each site in a multisite network counts as a single site.

If you want to purchase for 2 sites, you’ll need to buy 2 separate single site licenses.

The Lifetime Unlimited Sites license is the best value and makes sense to purchase if buying for 3+ sites.

Click the purchase button to determine current pricing.

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