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Pinterest is a social network to share images or videos, one at a time. Users can comment, like, or re-pin. In order to sign up, you’ll need either a Facebook login or a Twitter login. Pinterest doesn’t have its own login option at this time.

“Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard.” from

Pinterest consists of:

  1. People – Pinterest’s members (individuals, groups, businesses, etc.)
  2. Boards – The “bucket” that Pins are collected into. They can be named anything you want and you can have an unlimited number of Boards.
  3. Pins – Each item you post to Pinterest is called a Pin. Even the Pinterest logo looks like a push-pin that you would stick something to a corkboard with.

Pinterest Quick Info

Pinterest Tips

  • One of the distinctive features of Pinterest compared with Facebook is that you can follow a Member’s individual Boards, or you can follow all of a Member’s Boards. This is like following certain categories of Facebook posts from an individual Facebook user… if Facebook posts had categories.
    • It’s like telling Pinterest member “Fictitious Susie” that you’re interested in her “Home Decorating” pins but not her “Hunting and Fishing” pins.
    • Fictitious Susie might have 10 following all her Boards, 20 following her Home Decorating Board, and 23 following her Hunting and Fishing Board.
  • My least favorite part of Pinterest is that only large resolution images can be pinned. Pinterest won’t let you pin a URL that doesn’t have images or that has images smaller than Pinterest’s chosen size. I’m not recommending that you upload really high-res photos and take up unnecessary server space and slow down your web page loading time. Instead, try pinning your own content as a test to make sure the image(s) you want Pinterest to find actually work.
    • Don’t load images via Flash or JavaScript if you want them to appear on Pinterest.
    • How to take full-page screenshots of any URL (with cropping funtionality and Pinterest integration): – so you can Pin websites that don’t have images (Thanks, Wayne Harriman.)
  • How to Make your Boards one big image:
  • Pinterest has become one of the largest referring sites. In other words, people pin stuff from a website and people click on the pin’s image, which takes them to the website where the pin originated from.
  • How to disallow Pinning things from your website (boo!?):


  • You can’t pin anything from a URL that includes “”, and that includes their own blog posts. Maybe they don’t even realize that, but that’s the way it is as of this writing.
  • Include a dollar sign and numbers (e.g. $15) in your Pin and Pinterest will slap a ribbon across the image to show the price. And then it’ll also show up in the Gifts drop-down from the top menu bar: Pretty neat.
  • Browse everything at Pinterest at (or hit the “Everything” button at the top when logged in). Also check out
  • At TourKick, we love video so this one’s near to our hearts:
  • Find your friends on Pinterest or invite new ones at
    • You don’t have to be following each other to use “at mentions” (@someone’s name) to share pins with others.

Hopefully that’s enough helpful information to get you not only started but well on your way to becoming a Pinterest Pro!

Please comment below if you have any questions or helpful tips of your own.

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