HighLevel—the Best Value White Label Marketing Software

Thousands of marketers worldwide consider HighLevel (a/k/a GoHighLevel or GHL) their favorite software subscription.

We love it because it provides so much value in dozens of ways, has so much future potential, and is financially a huge win.

Why Sign Up for HighLevel

You can use it to run your own online Software as a Service (SaaS) business focused on providing specific services like lead generation, reputation management, or social media posting.

Or you could use it to offer many services to a specific client niche, or even to sell the software to your customers so they can DIY some or all of running their business online.

It works for local brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, coaches and consultants, influencers and affiliates, non-profits, and more.

HighLevel is a jam-packed toolkit that gets better literally every single month. It’s been inspiring to watch GHL’s pace and quality of releasing bug fixes and new features.

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Best White Label Marketing Software

GoHighLevel – It's time to take your Agency to the Next Level

We earn a commission if you make a purchase after your trial, at no additional cost to you.

Getting Started (slowly) with HighLevel

GHL is many potential things… so ease into it. Just start with one thing—CRM, funnel, ad reporting, forms—just pick one.

Even though having a fully integrated bundle of marketing tools is awesome, all new things have a learning curve and you can quickly overdo it even if you’re tech-savvy.

As you implement the first thing, you’ll ask yourself “hm, when they actually click that link, what should happen next?” and all you have to do is assume everything will stay within HighLevel and then you figure out how to do it in GHL; that’s how you get to the next things without the overwhelm.

Who Should NOT Sign Up for Their Own HighLevel Account

If you are NOT going to be offering GHL to other businesses and just want to use it for your own organization, I recommend signing up with my white label version of HighLevel at www.AbleProApp.com because we’ve added significant value compared to signing up directly for your own GHL agency account. Benefits may include (subject to change over time):

  • additionally integrate services like finding leads or running Facebook ads
  • 1 website or funnel built for you
  • point-and-click, self-guided onboarding tour
  • access to prebuilt snapshots for your specific use case
  • our expert support, since we’re able to log in to your snapshot and see its data and moving pieces
  • other bonuses

See the next section if you want to sign up for your own GHL account directly so you can have your own Agency Admin account.

Your GoHighLevel Learning Journey by Pricing Tier

GoHighLevel’s target audience is marketing agencies, freelancers, and various other marketers. Signing up directly with them is advisable exclusively for this audience.

1. Start Here

So if you do (or want to!) offer marketing software or services—even if you’re just getting started as a freelancer—get your own account for just $97/mo for 3 subaccounts.

Put your own company as the first subaccount, then use 2 and 3 for clients. Each subaccount is totally separate from each other.

As you provide them with services (website, ads, SEO, reputation management, social posting, etc.) just include the GHL subaccount (your white label version) as a value-add with your services. Get them logging in to view the Reports Dashboard and restrict their access to most other features at the start.

2. Then Upgrade to Unlimited Subaccounts

As you serve more clients, upgrade to the $297/mo plan to get unlimited subaccounts. Since you already have 1 or 2 paying clients, you’re making more than this additional $200 per month, affording you the unlimited subaccounts plan at no net cost to you.

Over time (weeks, months, or years), you’ll get a better understanding of your clients’ demands, your strengths and weaknesses serving them, and each week you’ll know GHL better and better—how it can be leveraged in your own day-to-day operations or how you can easily spin up a new line of business in a single day (not an exaggeration).

3. Then Upgrade to SaaS Reseller Plan

Your clients might ask for more types of services than you want to provide, especially for things their staff can DIY (responding to Google reviews and Instagram DMs, posting to social media, editing an existing funnel or website, writing their own email newsletters).

This is the natural progression to upgrading to SaaS Reseller Mode at $497/mo.

Not only does it provide you with a zero-to-low-effort monthly recurring revenue (MRR) since they pay you to use your GHL (via your own white labeled version), it’s also very sticky, meaning people don’t regularly quit software subscriptions.

With this plan, you get several huge bonuses:

  • easily create new users into new subaccounts with their credit card attached to the rebilling
  • you make money on each “consumable” like whenever they send a text or email, get a phone call, or use the AI content generator
  • ability to even more HighLevel features like training your own AI chatbot

Becoming a HighLevel Affiliate

Like me, you’ll be bursting at the seams thinking of all the ways HighLevel can help your marketing agency peers and tell them about it naturally. But why not give them your referral link and make more MRR doing what you would have done anyway?

BTW, we’ve got a whole course on how to use GoHighLevel as an affiliate marketer (contact us to get it for free). It’ll tell you how to become a GHL affiliate even if you don’t have your own GHL monthly subscription.

Why Sign Up with TourKick’s Affiliate Links

We receive a benefit from HighLevel when you sign up for their service through our links. Doing so does not allow us to see anything about your agency admin setup or the number of subaccounts you have—just that you’ve signed up through our link.

Because GHL has a generous recurring commission and new signups rarely cancel service because the software’s so good, there are many GHL affiliates; it’s just so attractive.

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So you might see other affiliates offering you bonuses only if you sign up through their affiliate links. While everyone understands that incentive model, we try to be as generous as possible so we give pretty much everything away to everyone.

We have experienced pretty much every GHL affiliate bonus out there—and can share some of them with you, just ask—and there’s simply no replacement for our experience and our eagerness to help you succeed. We’ve been in the marketing industry since 2010, even before GHL existed. We’ve done many things in many industries, in the USA and internationally. Of course, we don’t know everything, but we can help you with a lot and are naturally happy to be trusted to provide you excellence through our experience at no additional cost to you!

Whatever stage of business you’re in and whichever direction you want to take your GHL journey, we have such a depth of resources to empower you to succeed that blessing us with your signup or upgrade by using our affiliate links will be supremely appreciated and provide you great peace of mind that you’re in good hands with both HighLevel and TourKick!

Once you sign up with our affiliate link, contact us to let us know and we’ll either send you next steps or get on a screen share call with you. There’s no reason for you to be stuck when we’re here to help. You signed up with our links, GHL has recurring commission, so if you cancel we lose and if you continue we win; the incentives are aligned!

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Best White Label Marketing Software

GoHighLevel – It's time to take your Agency to the Next Level

We earn a commission if you make a purchase after your trial, at no additional cost to you.