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Option 1: Pay via your Invoice (ACH)

If we emailed you a QuickBooks invoice, you can pay from the QuickBooks Payments link there.

You will be paying via ACH by entering your bank account’s routing number and account number (neither are shared with us).

Option 2: PayPal

If you are unable (e.g. clients outside the USA) or unwilling to pay via ACH, we’ll gladly accept your payment via PayPal:

Note that it costs us approximately 3% to receive your payment this way (even if using PayPal balance or bank transfer), as opposed to no cost for option 1.

Option 3: Square Cash (USA debit cards)

You can pay with your debit card via Square Cash:$TourKick

We only offer this option for the convenience of those few who do not want to use PayPal. You’re limited to being able to pay with a debit card and the fee to us is 2.75%.

Are you new to Square’s Use our referral link and we’ll each get $5:


Whenever paying, please reference your invoice number(s) or the service(s) you’re paying for so we can account for everything accurately.

If you pay more than your invoiced amount (3% is a nice amount if paying via PayPal ;), we’ll consider it a tip, which is greatly appreciated but not required.

Thanks for your business!

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