Did TourKick just SPAM me?

Nope :)


We only send transactional emails (you bought something and need the purchase details) or commercial messages that otherwise comply with the CAN-SPAM Act and other USA laws.

If you received a legitimate (authenticated, not spoofed) unsolicited email from us, it’s not illegal because we only send targeted messages, not generic blanket advertisements – or you might have forgotten that we were in touch in the past.

We respect your choice to not hear from us at this time or ever again and every non-transactional email we send should include an Unsubscribe link (usually at the bottom).

Even though we have dozens of happy customers, we know our commitment to quality is not the right fit for every business at every moment in time – so if you’re fully disinterested, that’s A-OK by us and we appreciate your honesty.

If you choose to unsubscribe, you’re invited to connect with us in the future should your priorities change or your previous service provider is no longer working out.

However, if you’re not opposed to hearing from us and it’s just that we’re sending you something that’s not of interest to you – please let us know! Just reply to the email and be candid about what you’d like to receive from us.

Avoid Spoofing

Did you know anyone can make it look like they’re sending from someone else’s email address? Such spoofing actually is SPAM (or worse) – and if you receive emails that look like they’re from us but don’t match our character of quality, credibility, and consistency, please forward them to us: tko[at]tourkick[dot]com

Domains from which you may receive messages from us and that your I.T. Department should allow if they’re authenticated emails (including allowing subdomains):

  • tourkick.com
  • tourkick.co
  • google.com
  • zoho.com
  • zohobooks.com
  • zcsend.net
  • transmail.net
  • sendgrid.net
  • smblogin.com