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  • Facebook for Real Estate – January 12, 2012

    Downloadable PDF handout: [download id=”12″ format=”2″] I spent the entire day hosting mini-sessions about Facebook for Realtors. Bob Haywood presented with me. We had a nice tag-team thing going, which gave each of us occassional breaks. It was a special day for McGraw Realtors, where about a dozen associates volunteered their time, effort, and experience during these …

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  • Vodpod is great for collecting, viewing, and sharing videos across the Internet

     Vodpod  is like a video search engine created by humans. As they say it: We think people find the best videos on the web, not computers. So we’ve made it easy to build your own video channel to share with the world, and to tune in to channels made by other members who share your …

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  • REALTORS: Video marketing facts you need to know!

    Facebook dominates video sharing! Videos posted on Facebook are shared 218% more than Twitter and Email combined. Don’t just upload the video to YouTube share it to your social networks. People with money watch videos Pew Internet & American Life Project reported that 78% of respondents with an annual income of $75,000+, consumed videos online. …

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  • Word Count and Character Count Tools

    In the phrase “I do” there are 2 words and 4 characters (the space counts). If you can read, you know what a word is. But do you know what a character is–it’s anything, including spaces, ENTERs / line breaks, letters, and punctuation. For example, an ellipsis  “…” has 0 words and 3 characters. Word …

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