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  • How much is Video worth if a picture is worth $1,000?

    Frame Rate or FPS (Frames Per Second) refers to the number of unique consecutive  images (i.e. frames) displayed per second in a video. It is common for  video  to play  at approximately 24, 25, 30, or 60 FPS. In other words, TourKick videos are like having 30 unique, consecutive, HD photos displayed every second! The …

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  • REALTORS: Video marketing facts you need to know!

    Facebook dominates video sharing! Videos posted on Facebook are shared 218% more than Twitter and Email combined. Don’t just upload the video to YouTube share it to your social networks. People with money watch videos Pew Internet & American Life Project reported that 78% of respondents with an annual income of $75,000+, consumed videos online. …

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  • Real Estate TV Ads vs Online Ads

    In 2009, Century 21 (C21) Real Estate announced it would stop running national television ads, choosing to spend more online. Earlier this month, C21 announced it would be getting back into TV ads in a big way–with a  2012 Super Bowl commercial, among other  TV ads to  start running  this week.  C21 will be  sharing …

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