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  • Annotate websites and share your edits (Freebies)

    Publish annotations for any website Markup any website and share your annotations: http://markup.io/ Allow Screenshot-ed Feedbacks on your own Site Add a magical “take a screen shot, annotate it, and submit it” button to your own website: http://www.jotform.us/wishbox/ Why? Showing is better than telling. A picture is worth a thousand words. It improves communication. What …

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  • Word Count and Character Count Tools

    In the phrase “I do” there are 2 words and 4 characters (the space counts). If you can read, you know what a word is. But do you know what a character is–it’s anything, including spaces, ENTERs / line breaks, letters, and punctuation. For example, an ellipsis  “…” has 0 words and 3 characters. Word …

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