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  • Video from The Ticker Show: Think Outside the Business Card

    The Ticker Show is a Real Estate and Technology  vlog (i.e. video blog) that has provided some great content on YouTube. A recent episode  titled Think Outside the Business Card (September 6, 2011, video below) addresses the issue of Realtors saying, “I work for XYZ Realty,” when they get asked what they do. Essentially, it’s …

  • How much is Video worth if a picture is worth $1,000?

    Frame Rate or FPS (Frames Per Second) refers to the number of unique consecutive  images (i.e. frames) displayed per second in a video. It is common for  video  to play  at approximately 24, 25, 30, or 60 FPS. In other words, TourKick videos are like having 30 unique, consecutive, HD photos displayed every second! The …

  • Quote: “Video (and YouTube) are More Important Than Ever”

    We could spend all our time writing blog posts about how video for real estate keeps rising to the top of real estate news and trends. It’s becoming not only more important (and, thus, more valuable) but also more recognized as a point of distinction. Following is an infographic by Postling.com  that, among other things, …