• YouTube Analytics – Audience Retention (Drop-Off) Metrics

    YouTube’s been rolling out a lot of great new features in the last few months, but YouTube Audience Retention (i.e. Drop-Off)  metrics  was my favorite pseudo-enterprise-level-service addition. It lets you see where viewers stopped watching. For example, within the first 10-seconds, 30-seconds, or 60-seconds (common drop-off points in online video). You get to watch your …

  • A Warm Welcome for WordPress 3.3 “Sonny”

    WordPress 3.3 “Sonny”  was released last night. It’s a great version update, with the long-awaited, much-improved media manager/uploader.  There are many other useful updates that I know will be appreciated by iPad users and others across the world. Enjoy this WP 3.3 video introduction. (flash only – blame WP VideoPress) Also, don’t forget to upgrade …

  • Imagining Google Street View coming to life

    Having functional, usable technology is beneficial, but, when it’s also beautiful, there’s something inside you that just feels good. Below is a video titled “Address is Approximate” that imagines Google’s Street View bringing life to small  action figures and props via an Apple computer. (Vimeo video and Vimeo description below.) Enjoy. Address Is Approximate from …

  • Video: “WordPress, the Category Killer” for Real Estate Websites

    In case you didn’t know, TourKick provides technology services like WordPress websites and hosting. Most clients either already have WordPress and need some tweaks or want  WordPress. But for those of you who need a new or improved website and don’t know about or don’t yet love WordPress, here’s a video from the 2010 Real …

  • Big, Smart Ball of Camera that You Throw in the Air!

    Great idea, great implementation. Fun and functional! http://jonaspfeil.de/ballcamera via FStoppers.com

  • Comprehensive list of YouTube embed code options

    If you’ve read some of our YouTube-related blog posts (like linking to a specific time position), you know what an embed code and/or a YouTube URL looks like. This post is the creme-de-la-creme of YouTube URLs and embed code options. Basically, reference this: http://code.google.com/apis/youtube/player_parameters.html The Overview section starts with this write-up: This document defines the …

  • TourKick Poll: Muse vs Move video styles

    Subject property: 1122 S Evanston Ave, Tulsa, 74104 Pursuing to provide quality video production services for Tulsa real estate listings, we are asking your opinion – what exactly do you want? We came up with an additional video style to both cost less and take less time, and we would appreciate your feedback. Your input …

  • iPad / Mobile -friendly videos

    Ever heard of “Flash” videos or “Flash” tours? Adobe Flash  is a technology used to play videos across the Internet – it’s not referring to the speed of the video. ;) The Good Flash is great for those who have the software to run it – it’s a separate program from your Internet browser (IE, …

  • Highlights (December 2010)

    Every once in a while, it’s nice to put together a new set of highlight shots. Our first highlight reel was edited with a dual purpose: 1) show an example video by including an intro with fake information about a fake address, and 2) display some nice shots we’d taken. This highlight reel doesn’t have …

  • Our First Highlight Reel

    Want to sneak a peek at some video we’ve shot? Just press play… (For maximum impact, turn on your speakers, expand to full screen, and view in HD/Stretch Modes.) Order a TKO Media Package!

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