• Credibility YouTube notes

    Launching #CliffCred

    Join #CliffCred for smart insights and discussions about the Business Leadership Lifestyle. Yeah, you!

  • Zoho Expense 2.0 lets you choose your default “Paid Through” account 🙌

    As of Zoho Expense 2.0, you can now choose your default “Paid Through” account so it doesn’t default to “Petty Cash” on every. single. expense!

  • Order Social Distancing print designs for offices, retail, restaurants #COVID19

    Get your office back to work with these welcoming, informative printing ideas for Social Distancing / COVID-19 safety and instructional designs.

  • Let's Be A Team

    Teaming Up in 2015

    Are you a developer or designer looking to be part of some fresh projects? Let’s team up if you like some of Cliff’s ideas.

  • W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin Security Concern

    Thankfully, I haven’t experienced this reported security vulnerability, but it’s a pretty big deal. It takes the right combination of server settings and W3 Total Cache (W3TC) plugin configurations for the vulnerability to exist, which is why I titled this post with “concern” instead of “vulnerability” (but, yes, it’s a very bad if you’ve got the …

  • New Site Design, December 2012

    We’re happy to share our new site design, as of December 2012. We still have a custom WordPress theme design, but the new site has these updates: Responsive theme Property Tours were totally re-designed New site colors (from red and black to blue and white, to match our new logo from earlier in 2012) New …

  • Congrats to WPMU DEV on 100,000 users

    Congratulations to WPMU DEV on reaching 100,000 users today; and I’m one of them. :-) Celebrate 100k users at WPMU DEV to enter the draw for a free annual account!

  • Annual WordPress Survey - number of respondents for 2011

    WordPress Survey 2012 – Help Shape WordPress

    It’s that time of year again. If you use or develop for WordPress.org, you should take the survey that came out on July 12, 2012. Matt’s collecting information to make WordPress better and get a lay of the WordPress land. It’s called the annual survey, and it’s really quick and easy. Plus, you can enter …

  • The Best WordPress website hosting helps your Business’ SEO

    Here’s a quickie version of why good website hosting is worth paying for in today’s Internet space: Uptime is important because even a slow website is better than no website (i.e. a down website). A fast website is important because it improves user experience (no one wants to wait forever) and can assist your site …

  • Microsoft Office 365 vs Google Apps Email Migration

    http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/google-in-the-enterprise/one-companys-google-apps-email-migration-part-1/1175  offers a thorough write-up of a specific company’s email migration from on-premise email to in-the-cloud email. The author details many of the steps along the way to migration and does a great job comparing the Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Office 365 offerings. The comparison chart below is from the article, not created …

  • The new Lytro camera for real estate

    The good folks at Inman wrote an article displaying some Lytro photos for a real estate listing, viewable here: http://next.inman.com/2012/03/lytro-a-new-kind-of-photograph/. You can view Lytro photos at that link or at Lytro’s Picture Gallery to see Lytro’s primary feature (image focusing post-image-capture) it in action. Here’s a quickie roundup on the Lytro camera in terms of real estate imaging: Lytro is a …

  • Zillow Academy – Training on Video for Real Estate

    Zillow Academy Free from Zillow. Just for Pros. http://zillowacademy.com/ @zillowacademy @zillowforpros Webinar: How To Use Video and Youtube for Business Friday, March 16, 2012 https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/985003944 How are you using Youtube Videos?  Are you using video?  Are you Generating Traffic?  Do you want an alternative to being in the videos yourself? Are you able to market …


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