• WP Engine Staging Site’s Own wp-config.php Rules

    Something everyone should add to their wp-config.php file if hosted with WP Engine… WP_DEBUG on only for Staging site

  • All About LastPass and How to Best Use It (Bonus: 1 Month LastPass Premium)

    LastPass is a free, secure, cloud-based password manager with a suite of features. Here’s how to get the most out of it, plus 1 month Premium for FREE!

  • Where to Buy and Sell Used Apple Computers

    Apple Computers cost a premium for a variety of reasons, but if you’re looking to sell one, that can be a plus! You can sell your Apple Computer devices at: Gazelle.com — receive cash (my refer-a-friend link) Apple Recycling program — receive an Apple Store gift card if your device isn’t worthless (buy-back valuation and program management …

  • WP Engine Create Staging Area (Copy from Staging to Production)

    WP Engine: Copy from Staging Site to Production Site

    WP Engine hosting is just plain great. Staging Area Feature One of WP Engine’s flagship features is the built-in Staging Site, where you can copy from Production to Staging, mess around in Staging (trying to break stuff), and once you figure out what you want to put in Production, you just do it in Production …

  • How To Save iChat Messages Text and Attachments in OS X Mountain Lion

    Whether for fun or documentation purposes, you may want to save your iChat / Messages app history. Here’s how to: Step 1: Enable History Make sure Messages app is setup to save your history. Step 2: Go to the Archive folder Open Finder. In the menu bar, click on “Go” and click “Go to Folder…”. …

  • Mac OS X: Show Hidden Files in Finder

    Here’s a quick tip that can come in handy for web developers dealing with “dot files” like .htaccess, .gitignore, etc. Easy: There’s an App for That Funter Funter’s sole purpose is to toggle showing/hiding hidden files. Just install the Funter (File Hunter) app. Since it’s from an unverified developer (special Mac security precaution), you’ll need …

  • Perfect Google Apps DNS settings

    I use Namecheap for domain name registrations and managing DNS settings. It’s easy to use and has a one-click Google Apps setup (MX records only, not subdomains, DKIM, SPF, or SRV settings for Google Apps). Following are the quick-and-dirty advanced settings to really get the most out of your Google Apps setup. Screenshots are from …

  • Quick WordPress SEO Tips

    WordPress = a website Content Management System (CMS) SEO = Search Engine Optimization WordPress SEO = optimizing your WordPress settings and your website content with the intention of (and hopefully resulting in) higher search engine rankins WordPress SEO Tips and How-To 2 links will provide you with bunches of information (usable or not is up …

  • Need something to blog about? Answer Plinky.

    Plinky helps you overcome writer’s block – “inspiration 404” as Automattic puts it – so you can always have something to blog about. Consistent blogging helps your search engine ranking, which gets you more Google Juice (called PageRank), which gets you more visitors, which gets you more chances as converting to leads and sales. I …

  • Your “real” organic Google Rankings

    Have you ever seen someone tout their own website as “#1 on Google”? If you pay attention, the screenshot will typically show enough of the screen for you to realize they’re logged into their own Google account. Here are a few tips for avoiding this gaff when checking your own ranking… Log out of your …

  • How to test your responsive website design

    (Props to my fellow techies at TulsaWebDevs.org for helping me discover a few new juicy links to help me round out this post that I had been planning…) Responsive Website Design Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a way of building websites to scale to the size of each individual visitor’s screen size. In the past, …

  • Zillow Academy – Training on Video for Real Estate

    Zillow Academy Free from Zillow. Just for Pros. http://zillowacademy.com/ @zillowacademy @zillowforpros Webinar: How To Use Video and Youtube for Business Friday, March 16, 2012 https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/985003944 How are you using Youtube Videos?  Are you using video?  Are you Generating Traffic?  Do you want an alternative to being in the videos yourself? Are you able to market …

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