• SmugMug Logo (Dark)

    WordPress oEmbed With Your SmugMug Custom Domain Name

    Use your SmugMug custom domain name in WordPress.org embeds, plus help for centering SmugMug’s images, videos, and slideshows.

  • WordPress Instant Demo Site with Multisite Database Reset

    Create a quick-use WordPress demo site. Auto-login, lock down wp-admin, interval multisite database restore, and more.

  • WordPress.com Jetpack REST API Console

    When Jetpack is activated on your self-hosted site and connected to WordPress.com, you can then use the WordPress.com REST API console to do cool stuff like edit a post, reblog a post, return the Media Library, create a new category, get a list of your Jetpack connected blogs, and more. You can even migrate followers from a WordPress.com …

  • At Least 5 Ways to Embed Gists in WordPress

    How to use the Gist Shortcode added in Jetpack 2.9, including displaying a single file from a gist.

  • WP Engine Staging Site’s Own wp-config.php Rules

    Something everyone should add to their wp-config.php file if hosted with WP Engine… WP_DEBUG on only for Staging site

  • All About LastPass and How to Best Use It (Bonus: 1 Month LastPass Premium)

    LastPass is a free, secure, cloud-based password manager with a suite of features. Here’s how to get the most out of it, plus 1 month Premium for FREE!

  • Where to Buy and Sell Used Apple Computers

    Apple Computers cost a premium for a variety of reasons, but if you’re looking to sell one, that can be a plus! You can sell your Apple Computer devices at: Gazelle.com — receive cash (my refer-a-friend link) Apple Recycling program — receive an Apple Store gift card if your device isn’t worthless (buy-back valuation and program management …

  • WP Engine Create Staging Area (Copy from Staging to Production)

    WP Engine: Copy from Staging Site to Production Site

    WP Engine hosting is just plain great. Staging Area Feature One of WP Engine’s flagship features is the built-in Staging Site, where you can copy from Production to Staging, mess around in Staging (trying to break stuff), and once you figure out what you want to put in Production, you just do it in Production …

  • How To Save iChat Messages Text and Attachments in OS X Mountain Lion

    Whether for fun or documentation purposes, you may want to save your iChat / Messages app history. Here’s how to: Step 1: Enable History Make sure Messages app is setup to save your history. Step 2: Go to the Archive folder Open Finder. In the menu bar, click on “Go” and click “Go to Folder…”. …

  • W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin Security Concern

    Thankfully, I haven’t experienced this reported security vulnerability, but it’s a pretty big deal. It takes the right combination of server settings and W3 Total Cache (W3TC) plugin configurations for the vulnerability to exist, which is why I titled this post with “concern” instead of “vulnerability” (but, yes, it’s a very bad if you’ve got the …

  • New Site Design, December 2012

    We’re happy to share our new site design, as of December 2012. We still have a custom WordPress theme design, but the new site has these updates: Responsive theme Property Tours were totally re-designed New site colors (from red and black to blue and white, to match our new logo from earlier in 2012) New …

  • Mac OS X: Show Hidden Files in Finder

    Here’s a quick tip that can come in handy for web developers dealing with “dot files” like .htaccess, .gitignore, etc. Easy: There’s an App for That Funter Funter’s sole purpose is to toggle showing/hiding hidden files. Just install the Funter (File Hunter) app. Since it’s from an unverified developer (special Mac security precaution), you’ll need …

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